Tile Roofs

Repointing and Rebedding.

Tile roofs need regular inspection to make sure that none of the ridge tiles are either loose, or the mortar beneath them is cracked. If this has happened it needs to be remedied as soon as possible. This will ensure that your roof remains weatherproof and secure.
Photo of a Red brick roof with blemishes and red dust
Ridgecap needs repair
Picture of a red roof with red dust on it with blemishes
Rebedded and repointed
Photo of a stone roof with mild cracks and blemishes
Ridgecap needs rebedding
Photo of a roof in red with cracks and damages in it
Repaired by Robert Pridmore
Photo of an old stone roof with cracks in it
Picture of a stone roof patched and cemented with black cement or material
Picture of a dark brown roof with blemishes on it
Photo of a brown roof zoomed in with blemishes
As well as the ridge and hip tiles, the tiles at the edge of the roof, or the gables also need to be firmly bedded. These pictures show clearly that these gables need urgent attention. They will need to be rebedded or repointed after inspection.
Broken brick roof on daytime with trees on the view
Gable in need of attention.
Photo of a cracked stone roof overexposed on sunlight
Tiles in need of repair.
Photo of an old stone roof with cracks in it showing a blurred house in the background
Tile roof gable in need of repairs

Regular Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance of Hip Tiles are Needed.

Picture of tree leaves with a red stone roof
After repointing by Robert
Pridmore Roofing
Photo of a red brick roof with blemishes with trees on the background
Hip tiles need fixing.
Close up view of the red roof with slight damage
Ridge Cap in need of repair and
Picture of a broken red roof with white crack inside
Hip capping in need of repair.

Broken Tiles

More obvious issues are broken tiles. This is a problem that needs to be fixed quickly to prevent further damage to the rest of your home. We can check your roof for you and fix or replace tiles as required.
Photo of a grey roof with a highlight picture of a broken piece showing the hole
Roof tiles need replacing.
Picture of a stone roof with a hole damage on it
Roof tiles need replacing.